Friday, May 8, 2009

Taste and See

Maybe it is because the sun is shining and it feels like spring. Maybe it is because there is a sprig of honeysuckle in a vase above the kitchen sink. Maybe it is because I am wearing my favorite blue sweatshirt. Maybe it is because I am listening to the newest single by Jars of Clay. Maybe it is because...God is good.

I am in a happy mood today.

"And it feels like giving in, It feels like starting over, It feels like waking up, and you know it’s coming, It feels like a brand new day. Open your eyes." (Two Hands, Jars of Clay)

God is good. That phrase has been pasted on key chains, coffee cups, posters and refrigerator magnets. It has become a cliche associated with pictures of cuddly kittens and puppies. Yet somehow, the overuse of the phrase hasn't removed its truth. For me, the phrase encompasses the simplicity of God's love for mankind and for me. There are other bigger, prettier words that could be used to describe our Lord: righteous, just, omnipotent, long-suffering, eternal; and all of them are true and accurate. But it is His goodness, to me personally, that is standing out to me today. God is good. Is it really possible to say it too much?

I tend to be suspicious of happy times. When things are going well, I have an Eeyore-like response of "It will probably rain tomorrow". I know that God often uses trials for our sanctification and I know that trials are what we are told to expect from this world. So I am well aware that I shouldn't place too much stock in today's fleeting circumstances. But I am also learning that it is alright to enjoy the happy moments. Remember the Spurgeon quote I posted last? It ends with an encouragement to leave the results of today's work in God's hands and to expect a blessed issue. Knowing that God is going use today's events to sanctify me and to further His purposes, allows me to enjoy today. I forget to do that a lot of the time when I am too busy thinking ahead to see what He is doing now. God is good.

"Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing praise." James 5:13b
Photography by Rebekah :)


  1. Sharing those good feelings too. And He is good when the feeling aren't too.

  2. Luke 18:19 comes to mind. I don't believe you can ever overspeak God's goodness. (No, it doesn't appear to be an actual word, but it should be and I like it.)

    The photo matches the post perfectly.

  3. I love this ! Thanks for posting to my blog under Art Doll Faces !
    God is great ! Enjoy each day, even the ones that hold trials teach us great lessons.

  4. Hello, Just having a look at your blog. I couldn't help noticing your links to RCSproul, and I see you are a fan of Spurgeon. Greetings from a mother of many from across the pond.


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