Thursday, August 20, 2009

I feel sorta kinda a wee bit guilty about not blogging for two months straight...

Sorta kinda guilty, but not really truly guilty because with all the other things that need attention, I stubbornly refuse to be slave to a blogging schedule. But I am still feeling mildly guilty, because I would like to actually stick to my goal of 1-2 blog posts a month. How do those people do it who blog on a daily basis??? My life is just not interesting enough to do that. On the other hand, do people who have time to blog every day actually have a real life? Questions to ponder.

In reality, my life has been interesting lately. At least, it has been in my opinion. So much so, that I haven't wanted to take the time away from enjoying life to blog about it. During the last week though, I have been preparing my Fall schedule. As I was writing lists of all the great things I intend to accomplish and that I want to squeeze into my schedule sideways, "Blog" suddenly appeared on one of the lists, and I realized that I had written it there. Blog? Oh yeah, I do have one of those, don't I? Hmmm, maybe I should go look at it sometime....

And look at me now! Typing away very diligently as though I was actually doing something productive. The best thing about to-do lists? They make procrastination oh so easy. I can feel like I am working because I put an activity on paper and then did it. What a sense of accomplishment to put a check next to: "Blog". Nevermind the fact that "Do Laundry" still has no check next to it.

Fall is such fun. It is like the mid-year New Year. Resolutions, planning, new schedules, to-do lists, anticipation. My organization side kicks in at this time of year with full force . Usually, I wait until August is over to proclaim it the end of Summer but this year I decided that my Summer officially ends on Monday. Yes, the 95 degree weather is mocking me and I have no intention of giving up my flip flops for at least another 4-6 weeks, but it is time for me to start focusing on getting things done. At the moment, my mood is even matching my resolve! We will see whether or not I am still this dedicated once I am done writing schedules and have to start living by them. Come Monday morning, I may decide I need one more week of to-do list writing before summer ends.


  1. Well, here it is September 20th and the temperature was still mocking yesterday, though the air was almost frigid this morning and it is a much milder day today. How is that schedule coming? I suspect you must be doing well...circumstances pretty much demand it.

    I heard a rumor today that you have a trip to CA in your near future. No great anticipation building toward that event, right?

  2. Schedule? Oh yes, I think I do know this thing of which you speak...
    Actually, it was going well until I got sick this weekend. Just glad that it happened now instead of the day before leaving for CA. Four more days! Yay, yay, yay! No, of course I am not excited....


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