Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lotsa writing goin' on

I am spending a great deal of this week preparing for an English composition test with essay. Never having had to do a timed essay before (yes, homeschooled, nope, mom never put a time limit on my writing assignments), I am discovering for the first time just how slowly I write. Fun, Fun, Fun. It isn't the kind of writing that makes for interesting blog posts either. My biggest frustration is being forced to fake knowledge and an informed opinion. No time to research. Here is topic, 45 minutes, go! Thankfully, I am pretty good at faking opinions, the knowledge...not so good. This is one of those skills that gets better with practice though, so I think I should survive.
In other news...Anyone notice it is under two and a half weeks until Thanksgiving? La! Happiness. Some of my bloggity friends are celebrating by posting daily (or almost daily) with something they are thankful for. I'd love to be a copy cat and join, but I am only going to do so if I am allowed to start out saying it definitely won't be a daily post. Not out of lack of gratefulness but rather out of lack of time to type out gratefulness and lack of desire to do so after spending a large amount typing in preparation for an English test. I will try for a couple time a week though, we shall see.
So to start out, I am very thankful for the ability to be studying for a degree in English. I am thankful for the Lord's provision in all the details of this process. I am thankful for the way my parents have been so good about putting up with the phrase "Can't, studying". I am thankful for the friend who is working on his degree as well and is willing to loan his books, further lowering my costs. I am thankful for the sweet sister who surprised me by cleaning my room last week because that job had fallen through the cracks in the midst of my other "stuff". I am thankful for the job that provides me with time to study and helps me to pay for it as well. I am thankful for the ability to utilize distance learning. I am thankful that, Lord willing, I should be able to graduate before Summer. And I am especially thankful that I can be certain that God will use this degree to His glory, even if I am not exactly sure of the "how" of that just yet.

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