Friday, November 6, 2009


Once Upon a Time...
There lived two sisters.

(Anna and Me at Grandma's house, 1994ish)

They were each others very first best friends. As the years passed, they remained each other's best girlfriends.

(Pajama Picture, Christmas Eve, 2005)

Mutual confidants and comforters...

(Spring 2007)

Sharers of countless memories and inside jokes.

(At the Resolved conference, Summer 2009)

Complete opposites in so many ways...
(Anna in camo, me is camping clothes. Fall 2007)

And yet kindred spirits.

(Coordinating Sweatshirts! Winter 2009)

"Some things were meant to be..."

(California, Oct. 2009)

Dear Anna, I am so very thankful that the Lord made us sisters, literally and spiritually. You are an enormous blessing to me and I treasure your friendship. Love ya lots!

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