Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Books, books

I decided to take the challenge given at Pursue The Beauty blog given here: The challenge is to take a picture of the books you are currently reading as well as a picture of the books you would like to be reading. Sooo, here is what I am reading....

Hopefully you can see the picture clearly. I feel the need to qualify the statement "Here is what I am reading" with the explanation of "Here is what I am reading when I am not studying or checking up on my favorite blogs". My reading time is rather limited lately, so Evidence Not Seen and Womanly Dominion are currently being read snippets at a time. The first is a biography about a missionary to the jungles of New Guinea during WWII. Womanly Dominion (contrary to the initial first impression given by the title) is a fabulous explanation of what it means for a woman to fulfil her role within the command to "fill the earth and subdue it". I am reading Lies Women Believe and doing the accompanying study with my sister and a friend, so it is the one book in my stack apart from my Bible that is truly being read on a regular basis. Sadly, my diet of fictional works has been mostly famine lately. Just no time for fiction right now, but I did steal an hour yesterday to curl up with Longfellow's poems in front of the fireplace after a loooong study time. Such a delicious delight! With illustrations, the embossed cover, a yummy "old book" smell, and a publishing date of 1885, The Complete Works of Longfellow is one of the most treasured volumes in my little library. There at the bottom of my stack is my beloved Bible which I received as a graduation gift from my church. I am currently reading through Galations and some of my notes from that may eventually, possibly, maybe, make it into a blog post. We shall see.

The picture to the right is my "What I would like to be reading" stack. It was tough to decide what to put in this stack as the list of good books is ginormous, so I just tried to think what books I would grab if I had a guilt free chunk of time to read whatever I wanted. Meaning, no school reading or studying in my schedule. Not happening anytime soon though. As you can see, there is a considerable amount of fiction in this stack. To be honest I am craving fiction right now and the familiar volumes of Little Women and Christmas Carol begged to be read when I picked them up for this picture-op. But, I am restraining myself and they are staying in this stack. Spectacular Sins, written to explain how God is glorified in spite and through the existence of sin, has been on my shelf since I got home from the Resolved Conference this summer. Because it is such a heavy topic, I have left it on my shelf until I have time to read it through instead of just in spurts. That Hideous Strength is the last of C.S. Lewis's fictional books that I have not read and I am looking forward to finishing this last volume from his Space Trilogy. Seeking God and The Life and Diary of Daniel Brainard have been on my "To Be Read" shelf since dad got home from the Shepherd's Conference in March and it looks like they will be staying in that stack a bit longer for now. Perhaps I should have put Womanly Dominion into this stack as well since I would like to be reading it on a more consistent basis. I am thankful for the ability to do school, so I am not complaining about my lack of reading time, but I am definitely looking forward to the opportunity to read for fun a bit more once this degree is completed!


  1. Love your new background! I too, am not finding the time to read for fun as much as I'd like! I am hoping that the New Year will remedy that. I THINK I am going to try doing 52 books in 52 weeks. We'll see. Happy reading, dear friend.

  2. I, too, have a bunch of books I'd love to dive into, but rarely find the time or attention span to actually finish the one I'm currently in...which was started early this summer. *sigh*


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