Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sooo, It is 2010! (This is a rambling post with very little be warned)

I am leaving in about half an hour for Awana, leaving me about twenty five minutes to type something interesting for the blog world to read. Seeing as I have enjoyed my holiday vacation by vacationing from blogging, I suppose I could ramble on about any number of recent happenings and goings on from my spot in the world. Let's see, what to type?

As I contemplate, there is a cute little three year old in a Cubbie vest who is hovering around my laptop asking me "What you doin'? You typin'? What's say?" He knows that we get to leave for Awana soon, so he is anxious for current activities to be completed so we can be on our way. He is displaying an enormous amount of patience for a three year old though. And it is oh so hard to type coherently when I am distracted by his pretending to sound out the letters and periodically hugging my arm and saying "I likes you!" Oh yes, I am in love.

He has currently wandered off. Now that I have the opportunity to type at the pace I desire, I am afraid that the ramble I had intended to record when first opening this blog has now left my head completely. Such is the tendency with rambles; if one does not snatch them up when they present themselves, they will soon disappear. Good thing a new ramble is usually following closely behind the disappearing one.

Soooo, I get to go spend an evening with my precious 2nd grade Sparkies tonight. We shall sing and pray and recite verses and run and play and listen and answer questions. Someone is going to mispronounce something in their verse (making for a very humorous translation usually), someone will have at least one story to tell me about a pet, someone is going to get corrected for not obeying the first time, and someone is probably going to define sin by telling a story about a sibling. There will be opportunities to explain words like grace and redemption, chances to explain how verses apply to us personally, and lots of joy is seeing how much the kids love to learn.

Just about time to load in the car, the resident Cubbie will be very thrilled with the announcement!

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  1. I don't know how anyone could not see little ones as a blessing from God. Even their words are precious - especially, "I likes you!" :)


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